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Although we have been hunting all our lives. Wapalo Creek Outfitters started in 2019. We are small and friendly, yet serious about helping you achieve your goal of getting a nice buck for your wall.

My name is Albert Gazvoda Jr. and will be happy to have you at our property in Clinton Falls, Indiana. I grew up hunting with my dad and brothers along Wapalo Creek in Parke County, Indiana.

Now that my dad and brothers are gone, I would love to continue making hunting memories with you. We are currently building a new lodge that is small, yet cozy, and overlooks the waterfalls. Everything you need to be comfortable and enjoyable will be provided.

With ambition and organized plans, meals made from scratch like home and a desire to build a hunting outfitter business to be successful for clients to return every year. We will be persistent at achieving your goal for a trophy whitetail buck. As we attract new clients, we hope your experience at Wapalo Creek outfitters is enjoyable and rewarding so you can bring your friends when you return.


Thank you for your consideration,

Albert Gazvoda Jr.

Wapalo Creek Outfitters



Whether you're hunting your first Buck or an experienced hunter ready for your first Trophy this, will be the seasoned and tailored guide that ensures the best hunting experience.


We will adapt to the weather conditions, terrain and deer movements to position you in the best spot for a shot. We will be in ground blinds, tree stands and moving on the ground stalking and glassing for bucks.

This land is forest, fields, river bottoms, deep canyons, pine thickets, oak ridges, rocky terrain and cliffs. These hunts include ATVs and hiking long distances.

We hunt rain and shine, except for dangerous weather such as Tornado warnings. These are free ranging Bucks that have survived years eluding hunters that want to kill them. Outsmarting the whitetail deer requires knowledge, skilled woodsmanship, and the use of proven tactics.

Indiana produces some of the biggest bucks in the country and are very challenging to kill. I know this because several I have seen have eluded me when I was younger, now I am older and wiser.

Spend time getting your body in shape before booking a hunt with Wapalo creek Outfitters, these hunts are rugged and very demanding. Our Base Camp is in Clinton Falls, Indiana, just west of Greencastle, Indiana

Remember no guarantees, and no refunds.

The Hunt

Wapalo Creek Property


Hi, my name is Albert, I have hunted all my life. Over the years | have helped my friends and family score several trophy whitetail bucks. Wapalo Creek Outfitters was born out of a love of hunting and wildlife conservation with my father Albert Gazvoda Sr. along Wapalo Creek in Parke County, Indiana. I have realized that most hunters have hunted all their lives and yet have not been able to put a trophy whitetail on their wall. I want to change that so come join me as I can help you put a trophy on your wall just as I did for my friends and family. Our hunts include meals and lodging, also your guide is the owner of Wapalo creek outfitters, Albert Gazvoda jr.


These are free ranging deer. They are challenging to kill and do not carry guarantees. However, I promise to work hard to get you that trophy buck! We have a small Lodge that is new and comfortable with all the conveniences of home with a great lady who knows how to cook good meals.




We are in Indiana, west of Indianapolis approx. a 1.5-hour drive to Clinton Falls, in Putnam County. Here you will witness the beautiful landscape of waterfalls and covered bridges. Take in the views of rolling hills, flatlands, deep forest and fields of grain and views of land abundant with wildlife.

We have several properties we manage for wildlife conservation, birding and hunting. We own and lease properties in Putnam, Parke, and Montgomery counties which encompasses hundreds of acres and have produced some of the highest scoring Whitetail Bucks in the Country.


When one goes hunting for whitetail deer, one selects hunting grounds where they are plentiful. When seeking a Trophy Whitetail, the same rule would naturally apply. We have taken several Trophy bucks over the years off these grounds you will be hunting. It's the land of Opportunity, but you have to make the shot count.

Albert Gazvoda Jr



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