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Wapalo Creek Outfitters offer Whitetail Deer hunts for archery, shotgun, rifle, and handgun. Hunts are fully guided. You are placed on a stand or in a blind until the guide returns, the guide is still working in your area. I've learned Whitetail Bucks can easily elude one hunter but two working together in unison at a distance can be fatal for a Trophy Buck!


We offer 3 day/4 nights at our lodge in Clinton Falls, Indiana


Which includes breakfast, sack lunch, and Dinner.


This is a one buck hunt and includes field dressing and removing from the hunting grounds back to the lodge. We have Taxidermist and Deer processors in the area which is an extra charge.

Transportation to & from the airport is an extra charge of $200.

State of Indiana requires hunter safety course to be completed for anyone born after 12/31/1986


Arrivals in Afternoon the first day & Departures in Morning of the last Day. All others will have to rent a motel at your own expense.


It's your responsibility to purchase a license and know the regulations, feel free to ask questions. Purchase a license @

Hunter orange must be worn during Gun season.

Safety harness must be worn in tree stands.


Tips are welcome for the Guides, cooks, housekeeping, etc.


Please be courteous & respectfully to staff and other hunters, rude and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.


We don’t have a lot of rules and fines for shooting bucks too big or bucks too small like some other outfitters. We want everyone to enjoy hunting with Wapalo Creek Outfitters.

Thank you.

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